School Board

-Strategic Planning
-Development & Advancement
-Brand Effectiveness
-Public Relations
-Research and Analysis

Educators & Administrators

-Professional Development Seminars
-Individual Improvement Consultation
-Independent Professional Review
-Appraisal Matrices
-Curriculum Development & Standards Alignment

Advancement & Development

-Effective Campaigns
-Fund Raising versus FUN Raising
-Relationship Building
-Staff Development


-School Information Systems
-Analysis & Options
-Parent Portals & Dialing Systems
-Website & Information Technology
-Gradebook Systems
-Grade Reporting & Transcripts
-Hardware Acquisition


-Energy Management
-Space Planning & Utilization
-Safety & Emergency Procedures
-Budget Planning & ROI Analysis
-Work Order Systems
-Project Management

Admissions & Public Relations

-Marketing, Publicity & Advertising
-Feeder School Relations
-Application Process
-Effective Tours & Previews
-Attracting High Quality Candidates

Financial Aid

-Grants vs. Scholarships
-Analysis Programs
-Funding Financial Aid Programs
-Discounts & Collection


-Advice or Management
-Report Development & Review
-Guidance through Process
-School to Commission Liason